Decentralized Organization & DeFi Blockchain Infrastructure on Polkadot

TDAT Growdrop - Coming Soon!!

 Growdrop Phase II [1st April 2020 - 30th April 2020] 
Reputation Faucet

Deposit Wrapped BTC (WBTC) to the TokenPesa Growdrop (Open-source community, onchain Seed Funding Event) and earn TDAT tokens according to your WBTC interest rate

Wrapped KSH

Multi-Agent (Kenya Shilling) Stablecoin

Fundamental bridge between fiat (KSH) and the world of cryptocurrencies

Transact Faster
Speed up your Kenya Shilling transactions on the Blockchain

Minting, burning and transfer events fully verifiable on public Ethereum explorers

Lower Fees
Transact at near ZERO blockchain network fees

Federated Governance
All network agents will be members of the TokenPesa DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

TokenPesa DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Governance and Asset Management

Native DAO Token
TokenPesa DAO Token (TDAT) is the native DAO token. Initial DAO reputation will be awarded to token holders based on their holdings

DAO members will be holders of the TDAT Reputation (voting units). Anyone can earn reputation by locking TDAT tokens

WKSH Governance
Reputation holders will act as agents in the Wrapped KSH stablecoin distribution and also govern its token contract changes

DAO members will be validators for the TokenPesa Substrate custom chain - to increase tx throughput for WKSH

Asset Management
WKSH agents stake TDAT tokens (collaterized reputation) to form smart agencies in the tier2 asset management DAO


Hybrid Decentralized Exchange

Intuitive Trading
Seemlessly exchange Wrapped KSH against multiple ERC20 tokens

Flexible Fees
Trading fees collected as a % of the tokens being traded

Community Driven
PesaDEX will be collectively governed by the TokenPesa DAO members

Maker Rebate
Provide liquidity and earn upto 50% of trading fees as profit

Built on the cutting-edge Hydro Protocol technology

Growdrop Mainnet Event

TokenPesa DAO Token (TDAT)

 TDAT Total Supply = 42,000,000 TDAT 
 Growdrop Supporters Monthly Reward  = 1,200,000 TDAT 
 Total Growdrop Supporters Reward  = 12,000,000 TDAT 
 Supported Currencies: Wrapped BTC (WBTC) 
Fund Growdrop

The 1,200,000 TDAT tokens will be distributed to our Growdrop supporters at the end of the funding period; supporters will be able to reedem their principal (WBTC) + a % (in TDAT) of the total interest accrued